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When to Walk Away – and When to Run

Handshake with Question MarkGuest article by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS, CEO of Good as Gold Training, Inc. You are not paid on efforts, you are paid on results.  Learn to identify the signs that reveal you are in a one-sided relationship.  You can’t afford to spend your [ more...]

IT Contracting Predicted to Outpace Direct Hire in 2015

IT Contracting SuccessNow is a great time to be working in the Information Technology (IT) sector. According to CareerBuilder’s recent IT forecast, “More than half of IT employers plan to add full-time, permanent staff this year…in addition, 59% of IT employers will [ more...]

8 VITAL Paid Sick Leave Issues to Understand

Paid Sick Leave LawsWhen it comes to paid sick leave (PSL), it doesn’t matter whether you run contractors through your own back-office or outsource to a back-office service provider – you need to be familiar with this employment law area.  However, unless you place [ more...]

Q & A : What Staffing Option Can Help Me to Retain Clients?

Recruiter with Happy ClientsIn today’s complex employment and economic environment, a direct hire does not always meet a client’s needs. Offering a broad spectrum of staffing services that meets ALL your clients’ needs is vital to retain clients over time and continue [ more...]

Make Better Matches – Barb Bruno Tells You How

IMG_20150204_121643651Guest article by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS, CEO of Good as Gold Training, Inc. Whether you are an experienced recruiter or a rookie, matching candidates is one of the most difficult skills to master.  You have worked hard to recruit qualified [ more...]

New Audio Training – How to Get Started in Contract Staffing

how to get started in contract staffingBy far, the biggest question we get from recruiters who call inquiring about our contract staffing back-office services is “How do I get started in contract staffing?” We now have a new tool to help answer that question and other [ more...]

6 Recruiting and Contract Staffing Trends for 2015

contract staffing trends 2015Contract staffing had quite a year. The “temporary help services sector” added jobs and broke records month after month in 2014. This growth continues even now that direct hiring has finally bounced back from the recession. So what does 2015 [ more...]

How Independent Recruiters Can Avoid Client Defection

Businessman in front of long way to the careerWhat would happen if even just one of your top clients stopped giving you job orders? Are you leaving that money on the table for your competitors to take? If you think that couldn’t happen to you, consider this: Companies are streamlining every [ more...]

Contract Staffing in 2014 Spanned All Industries

contract staffing in 2014Statistics show that contract staffing continued to grow across all technical, professional, and healthcare industries in 2014.  This supports the blended workforce model where a company typically maintains a small core of traditional direct [ more...]

Top 10 Questions to Ask Potential Contract Staffing Back-Office Providers

questions to ask contract staffing back-office providersWe discussed in the previous blog post the critical considerations and tasks associated with setting up an in-house contract staffing back-office. But let’s say you decide NOT to take on the time-consuming back-office tasks and liability and [ more...]