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PROSPER – Principles for Success

hand attracts money with a large red magnetGuest article by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS, CEO of Good as Gold Training, Inc. As a recruiter, you must dedicate yourself to discovering principles that will allow you to do your job better, and as a result, increase sales, profits and your [ more...]

How Did a Solo Recruiter Earn $101,047 on One Contract Placement?

Happy man enjoying the rain of moneyOne New York-based solo recruiter offered his client a contracting solution in January 2014, and that decision has certainly paid off. His first placement through Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. (TEC) has netted the recruiter $101,047. Even [ more...]

Hit Your Targets With Contract Staffing

Money pierced by arrow on dartboard close upAny recruiter can ramp up contract staffing services in 3 easy steps! It’s undeniable: contract staffing is here to stay. In a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 46% of employers reported that they plan to add more contract and temporary workers in [ more...]

6 Critical Contract Staffing Back-Office Considerations

Concept of accused businessman indicated by colleaguesAre you thinking about moving forward with adding contract staffing to your business model? If so, step one is figuring out how you will handle the “back-office” tasks – the legal, financial, and administrative issues involved in being the [ more...]

6 Essential Principles of Recruiting Success

Strong businessman flexingGuest article by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS, CEO of Good as Gold Training, Inc. There are six essential principles that all successful staffing and recruiting firm owners have in common.     PRINCIPLE #1 – AN ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET [ more...]

5 Common Recruiter Questions about Contracting

Top 5 QuestionsAs a contract staffing back-office service, we get calls every day from recruiters who want to add contract staffing services to their business model. For other recruiters who may be interested in contract staffing, here are the “Top 5” [ more...]

Should You Hire a Recruiter to Focus on Contract Staffing?

How-Determin-Markup-4579There is no doubt that contract staffing is continuing to increase in almost all technical and professional sectors. As a reminder, the top five industries for contract staffing in 2014 were:     IT (consistently a strong field) [ more...]

The Hidden Costs of Obamacare

Even-small-recruting-firms-could-have-Obamacare-responsbilities-331As a professional in the business world, you are likely aware that the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also referred to as Obamacare) is not without costs, but some are more apparent than others. Among the obvious requirements, individuals must [ more...]

Are You Protecting Yourself from Negligent Hiring Claims?

Businessman shelteringDo you run background checks when placing individuals in direct hire or contract positions? If not, you should highly consider it. Negligent hiring claims are made when there is something in the individual’s history that could have predicted the [ more...]

Should You Ignore Job Hoppers?

Man climbing stairs(Original post date 9/6/11, updated 3/11/15) For many recruiters, the knee-jerk reaction to the question of whether or not job hoppers should be overlooked is a resounding “Yes!” After all, your clients don’t want to pay you good money to place [ more...]