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The Changing World of Recruiting

Are You Ready Chalkboard Image(Part one of a three-part series).  It’s clear that the employment world – and by extension, the recruiting industry – is changing. There are numerous factors:  technological advancements, generational shifts in the workforce, and reverberations [ more...]

New U.S. DOL Labor Guidance: Big Implications for Recruiters

Frightened employee hiding under the desk - studio shootOn July 15, the US Department of Labor (DOL) issued a new Administrative Interpretation detailing the “economic realities” test used to determine worker classification. This new clarification means that the majority of workers who have been [ more...]

2015 Talent Trends and Contracting Forecast

Binoculars, The Future, Business.It’s officially July, and we are over halfway through another year. The midyear point is a great time to step back and take an eagle’s-eye look at the talent trends of 2015. In this article, we’ll examine the skills gap influencing current [ more...]

7 Most Overlooked Tips to Attract New Clients – Rapidly!

Magnet attracting clients.Guest article by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS, CEO of Good as Gold Training, Inc. It is important for you to continually upgrade and attract new clients. Most individuals in our profession generate 75% of their sales from less than five clients. [ more...]

2015 UPDATE – Worker Misclassification Forgiveness Program

warning irs audit conceptual road sign over skyDo your clients utilize 1099 independent contractors (ICs) who should rightly be W-2 employees? Between government audits and contractor lawsuits, this worker misclassification is becoming an ever more dangerous tightrope to walk. Even so, [ more...]

The Real “Back-Story” on TEC’s Services

Bob SmallInterview with Bob Small, Vice President of Carroll Technology Services, Inc.  A few years ago, a die-hard direct hire recruiter was forced into making his first contract placement to meet his client’s request. He was amazed at how easy and [ more...]

Tips for Negotiating Contract Bill Rates

Businessman counting on calculator.(Originally posted 03/18/10, updated 06/11/15) What should you do when a client doesn’t set any limit on the hourly bill rate for a contract placement? While it might sound like a great problem to have, this can be frustrating because you have [ more...]

Sharing Economy Creates New Class of On-Demand Workers

Group of business people team. Isolated over white background.How much do you know about the “sharing economy?” Also known as the “mesh” economy, it is an umbrella encompassing a variety of systems which enable the sharing of human and physical resources and services. It is a complex socio-economic force [ more...]

PROSPER – Principles for Success

hand attracts money with a large red magnetGuest article by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS, CEO of Good as Gold Training, Inc. As a recruiter, you must dedicate yourself to discovering principles that will allow you to do your job better, and as a result, increase sales, profits and your [ more...]

How Did a Solo Recruiter Earn $101,047 on One Contract Placement?

Happy man enjoying the rain of moneyOne New York-based solo recruiter offered his client a contracting solution in January 2014, and that decision has certainly paid off. His first placement through Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. (TEC) has netted the recruiter $101,047. Even [ more...]