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Contract staffing back-office services

Contract Staffing Back-Office

Making it EASY for recruiters to add contracting to their business models

Contract Staffing

June 25, 2015


Full-Service Contract Staffing Back-Office Services

We handle the legal, financial, and administrative details of a contract placement so you can do what you do best – recruit! We specialize in technical, professional, and healthcare placements.


Client Contracts

Employment Contracts

Immigration Authorization (I-9 & E-Verify)

IRS Compliance (1099 vs. W-2)

Per Diem Regulations

DOL Prevailing Wage

COBRA Compliance

DOL Overtime

Healthcare Reform (ACA)

Certificate of Insurance


Payroll Funding & Processing

Direct Deposit

State & Federal Withholding


Workers’ Compensation

Invoicing & Collections

Tax Deposits & Filings


Client Credit Checks


Background Checks

Timesheet Collection

Contractor Benefits Administration

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Unemployment Claims

Payroll & Accounting Support

Human Resources Support 24/7

Employee Terminations

Online Employment Paperwork

Drug Screens (client option)

Additional Services

One-on-One Consultations – Recruiter-specific phone conversations with trained Contract Staffing Administrators.

Marketing Assistance – Our Recruiter Marketing Center provides tools to promote your contract staffing services.

Recruiter Training – Our Recruiter Training Center provide  tools to help you establish and grow your contracting business.

Statement of Contract Assignment (SCA) – The SCA allows you to access man-hours and financial details for each contract placement online.

Frequent Contract Placer Program (FCP) – The FCP allows you to earn up to 3% more based on recruiter income made through our back-office.

Recruiter Referral Program – You can earn up to $100 through our Recruiter Referral Program every time you refer a recruiter who has never made a contract placement with us.

ICAP Program – The In-house Clerical and Administrative Program (ICAP) allows you to add clerical and administrative staff to your office for a short period of time. You can outsource their employment to Top Echelon Contracting.

Preliminary Agreement – Is your client requesting a preliminary agreement in advance? If so, complete the Preliminary Agreement request form.

Medical staffing – Due to the serious nature of  medical staffing placements, we include additional paperwork and screenings to properly qualify healthcare contractors.